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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skeeterpop View Post
    This will be my last post in this thread. It was my intent to create a thread that would get lots of discussion from both sides while identifying there are some obvious tendencies with pre-reads. Please go back and read all my post. Not once did I ever say Tua needed to revamp or change his style of play. I even spelled it out and said he needs to break these tendencies by doing 1-2 plays differently. That is not changing his style or play making ability. I have listened to numerous other analyst, coaches and QBs say this exact same thing over the last couple of weeks.

    I recently sat at the same table directly across from two former and one current Pro Bowl NFL QBs in the last month who brought this subject up and listened as they identified his pre-reads could come back to bite him if he does not change it up some on key downs.

    Not once did I call anyone in this thread an idiot nor infer they were because we had differing opinions.

    I respect your dedication and knowledge Earl as much as anyone on this board and hope you will understand I say this will compete respect. Your breakdown of the NC game winning play and how Tua checked before throwing is inaccurate. He may or may not have looked to see where the safety was, we don’t know. But what we do know for a fact was he rotated his hips and set his feet to make the throw before ever starting his head turn to the left side. This observation and exact comment came directly from a 3 multi time pro bowl NFL QBs, not me. But after rewatching several times they were exactly correct. He did all the mechanics for the throw before turning his head. He know exactly where he was throwing and was counting on his receiver to beat his man to that spot.

    I give Tua credit for being the best gifted QB Bama has ever had. And he is going to even get better. I wanted him at QB last year but am glad things worked out the way they did for a number of reasons. Once again my reason for the thread was based on years of coaching defenses and being around the college game and coaches for decades. I am always lookimg for tendencies and ways to beat oposing teams as well as our own teams weaknesses or tendencies.

    I apologize for creating a thread that seems to have sparked so much negativity. That was not my intent and I will keep future volitile personal thoughts and feedback from fellow friends and experts of the game to myself. I want to contribute to the board not create discourse. This thread obviously did the later for several people so I apologize.
    I, too, would like to hear more of what they said, as a matter of interest, although what's been said about cover two is correct. We'll just have to agree to disagree about the NCG. I've watched that play many times, specifically looking for the flicker to the safety. He did not throw blind, IMO. If you don't see it, you don't see it...
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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    Quote Originally Posted by RTR91 View Post
    Personally, I would have given your OP more thought if you had mentioned the conversations of the NFL QBs. I would like to know all of the specifics of what they were saying, too.

    But we didn't know that. Instead, we got a post that reads more like an Eeyore trying to find any flaw possible. Thus, the responses in the thread bringing up all of Tua's accomplishments and stats to this point.
    Point taken.

    So you are saying their thoughts are relevant but an average “Eeyore” doesnt make the same impact? 😉

    I was not trying to throw the NFL QB comments in there to see what people thought on their own without adding that “little” fact.

    Beyond that they were very complimentary of all of Bamas players. They were trying to pick apart his game and honestly struggled too, this was one of the few things they could identify outside of his “potential” height challenges.

    I think my Title could have helped the tone of the discussion. Will work on that. 👍🏻

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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonForce View Post
    A couple of things:

    -If you have articles or something else of analysts, coaches, QBs etc. saying this then linking those in the OP would be helpful. Especially when it's on a topic as subjective as this one.

    -Your pro bowl QB friends may be right IRT scouting Tua for the NFL. Yes, as an NFL prospect he can improve on a lot of things. As a college QB (which is all we really care about right now) he's statistically the best to ever do it. I feel like most of the things you're bringing up are IRT Tua playing in the NFL where the coverages are expertly disguised. UGA was playing cover 2 most of the game which is a very basic coverage. Once the safety on the left side of the field didn't immediately shade to Devonta Smith the play was over. Whether Tua physically looked at D Smith wide open or not doesn't matter. Based on Cover 2 and the safeties movement to the middle of the field at the snap the play was over. Tua doesn't really need to be any more proficient at reads in the college game. In the NFL he will need to improve some..
    Very good point. The conversation was more focused on facing NFL defenses and how they would approach game strategy. I took that as how CU would likely be focusing as well. Of course they dont have the same skill level as an NFL secondary. I was traveling when I posted the thread to get discussion started before we got too close to gameday. I was in a rush and could have done a much better job of communicating my thoughts. Will take all as constructive criticism.

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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    Quote Originally Posted by TIDE-HSV View Post
    Look - it's not even a "tendency." Again, this thread is based on a fallacy. The fallacy is that he's turning and firing blind, after having baited the opposing safety. This is simply not true. If you don't believe me, go back and look at the TD pass in the NCG and watch him check out the safety quickly before firing. This fear that he can be counter-baited is totally fabricated from whole cloth. I guess people simply have to worry about something. However, I'll be fair. If anyone can come up with one single example in all the hundreds of passes he's thrown, then I'll concede that it's a real problem and not just imaginary...
    I agree...but I wanted to note that all "tendencies" have certainly been identified by the coaching staff at this point. For instance, against OU we threw a lot more to DS than we had been. Yes, he was well...but for whatever reason other receivers had been targeted more.
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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    Here to eat some crow. Skeeter was right in that Tua could get fooled based on a presnap read.
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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    Used his strength and made it his weakness. The tendency to go for the deep ball so much just killed everything. Short game and run game was there ALL NIGHT LONG.

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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    I was looking for this thread. Man made a good point which in the first drive led to a pick 6.

    If you knew this WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL CNS?!

    Not cool man.....Not cool.

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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    Yep...props to Clemson/Venalbes for scounting us out.

    Tua will use this game to become even better. But it turns out it was a fair/legit criticism. His next step will be to do better at translated his pre-read to an actual read. He'll do it.

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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    I thought about this thread last night also. He was spot on in his observations.

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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    Tua was exposed last night. He will have to adjust.
    B.A. from The University of Alabama (during the Fran/Shula years) so don't question my fandom.

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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    I have to apologize to him as well. He was right and I was wrong as well. Tua got exposed last night.... HE will have to adjust in offseason.
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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    It’s no secret that Tua knows where he is going with the ball pre snap. Most quarterbacks that can read a defense do the same thing. That’s one of his strengths. Reading defense. I think that characterization is over simplification. You still have to follow your route progressions. I think his top to bottom route progression may be more of a liability. Never more evidenced in the long pick. He read the safety presnap, thought Jeudy read the same, but Jeudy saw the safety rotating ove where Tua read a go route. They weren’t on the same page, but the ball probably shouldn’t have been thrown. But if Jeudy runs the go route, I don’t think it’s a pick, just an incomplete pass. Tua and Jeudy , for all their success, have had issues all year with reliever option read routes.
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    Re: Tua needs to break tendencies for a Title.

    "The Redemption of The Prophet Skeeterpop"

    And lo he did come down with the tablet and did convey unto them a message of dire warning.

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