Game frustration for me ...
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    Game frustration for me ...

    First off ... just flew home with a million Clemson fans. So painful!!!!

    I think the part that was so hard to watch last night for me is the fact that we literally moved the ball at will between the 20s but couldn't punch it in. How do we make it to the 1 yd line 3 times and come away with no TDs???? Actually mind boggling. ... Then to look at the final stats, you would think based on the score they would have 300 more yards of offense than us, but it was pretty dead even! It makes it even worse!

    I love this team and know they will come back with a vengeance next year! My heart hurts and I know mine only hurts 1/2 as much as their hearts hurt! I really do hope some of these juniors will stay and provide the serious leadership the team is needing right now!

    I guarantee Saban is already busy at work and know he will right the ship!

    And I don't want to blame the refs ... but seriously how do you not call a PI on that one drive where poor Irv Smith was basically mugged????

    RTR Always!

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    Re: Game frustration for me ...

    It was one of those nights where everything went wrong for us. There were many reasons, but the injuries to key players certainly was a big factor.

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    Re: Game frustration for me ...

    Iím with you. Moving the ball at will until the red zone area.

    Play calling was atrocious.

    Couldnít stop a 3rd down.

    We gave them the momentum and the confidence.

    Put no pressure on QB.

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    Re: Game frustration for me ...

    It just wasn't our night! We have been so successful over the years we have forgotten how it feels to have a bad game. Clemson played the game of their lives last night and deserved to win, we didn't execute, didn't block, and got burned on defense. I would be willing to bet that all but 1 team would love to switch places with us right now. CNS is the greatest coach ever. ROLL TIDE!!! Can't wait for next year. Congrats to the team for a great season!

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    Re: Game frustration for me ...

    I'm with you 100% on all of this. I am literally heartbroken. I know it's silly; it's a football game. We do take it harder than many of the players though. There are still no answers for many of our questions last night. It just doesn't make sense. We just didn't hit on anything all night. Clemson played perfect, and we played our worst game in 20 years. I can only HOPE this puts a chip on the shoulder of our players and staff. I trust Coach Saban to make staff decisions and study harder than ever to get us back on top. Many times we've been buried 10 feet under only to make another historic run. Hoping that's the case next season. RTR!



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