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I sure did not expect this win; but I will take it. Nice to see some defense and energy and certain players spending more time on the bench.

Sorry, still can get too excited about the probability of winning the next few games.
Seeing how we beat ranked UK, MSU and OM at home and hung with UT on the road, no reason we can't beat LSU and AU at Coleman. Do that, and a good chance they are playing at Arky for the #4 seed in the SEC tourney and a double bye. Had Avery gone to the smaller rotation sooner, I got to believe we would have a couple more SEC wins and be sitting at 10-5 in conference and looking at a 7/8 seed with potential to jump to a 5 or 6.

If Petty gets hot and Hall plays possessed, this team can win a couple in the Dance. They can also fall flat finishing 0-3 and miss the dance.