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    Re: Sources: LSU hoops coach on wiretap discussing 'offer'

    Quote Originally Posted by selmaborntidefan View Post
    This was always my problem with them. It wasn't that we didn't need oversight, it was how someone who wanted to get even with a school because his career didn't pan out could go make up stuff. That's exactly what Gene Jelks did to us. Yes, he was paid by some Auburn fans who - in the delusional world that many fans inhabit - convinced themselves of a conspiracy where Alabama hired Eric Ramsey to make up allegations because we couldn't beat Pat Dye. (Not one can explain to me how we managed to get the Auburn coaches to make money offers on tape to Ramsey). So they got Jelks, who needed money. He made up a bunch of lies about us and got the NCAA snooping - and while they were is when the L'affaire Langham happened, and we got slugged.

    Auburn got bombed by the NCAA in 1993.....probably harder than they should have to be honest with you.
    Did they deserve sanctions? Yes
    TV ban? No

    I think Auburn benefited from something else - the NCAA spent four years investigating USC over the Reggie Bush deal. When that began in 2006, the NCAA had been through the ringer with us and Miss State. By the time it finished in 2010, they had no stomach for another protracted battle.

    When a lot of our fans were posting here about the Cam scandal, they were using their life experiences with the NCAA. By that time, the NCAA was a - pardon the pun - paper tiger.

    And as I'm sure you recall......Auburn's scandal was covered up in the news by the then emerging Ohio State Tattoo Scandal.
    Believe it or not, I had an encounter with one Gene Jelks in a Kroger of all places..................he was a department manager, and saw my Bama shirt and stopped and talked.........but he didn't seem too keen on talking about any of that
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    Re: Sources: LSU hoops coach on wiretap discussing 'offer'

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    Re: Sources: LSU hoops coach on wiretap discussing 'offer'

    Quote Originally Posted by 230kv_barehand View Post
    UNC was different, they were not paying players and Roy Williams himself had no idea about the class in question. The class was taken advantage of by students and athletes alike. Big difference between a class and a bagman like with $cammy or ole $i$$ snatch and grabbing recruits who didn't even visit.
    UNC committed broad scale academic fraud within African American Studies. It wasn’t just “a single class”. It was multiple classes with little or no academic oversight. Multiple “independent study” courses were the department administrative assistant was assigning grades. African American Studies was basically a shadow curriculum.

    UNC skated because, while a large percentage of those within AFAM studies were student athletes, there were non student athletes with availability to and enrolled in those courses. Therefore, it wasn’t an “extra benefit” because it was available to the study body in general. Never mind that student athletes were steered to that curriculum for 20 years.
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    Re: Sources: LSU hoops coach on wiretap discussing 'offer'

    Someone remind me - the legal issues here were fraud and wiretapping, correct? Were there charges of money laundering, as well?



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