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    Re: Bama Wins/Losses in 2019 Regular Season

    Quote Originally Posted by NoNC4Tubs View Post
    The only concerns that I have are the TAMU (Jimbo may surprise us) and awbern (because Pat Dye is still behind the scenes) games...
    I think these are two potential losses, one of them will get us.
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    Re: Bama Wins/Losses in 2019 Regular Season

    No one came all that close last year in the regular season and i don't see anyone who will this season. LSU and MSU had the best defenses last year but couldn't score on us even though we had a down year for defense. That shouldn't change.

    And I just don't see a team in the SEC that can score with us except for maybe Georgia. I just don't think aTm or Auburn have a real shot unless its a fluke game.

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    Re: Bama Wins/Losses in 2019 Regular Season

    TAMU and Bama both have byes before their matchup, so you won't have either team coming off a brutal game and having a letdown.

    AU is usually trouble at home, so that one worries me more than the others. If Bo Nix is their starter I wouldn't be as worried.
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    Re: Bama Wins/Losses in 2019 Regular Season

    Quote Originally Posted by Wakecrash View Post
    Although anything can happen, South Carolina loss should not be a concern. If UK can beat them 4 years in a row, Alabama should do fine.
    I watched Tider Insider this week and they had the assistance softball coach (forget her name - very impressive by the way). Her take (which comes from the head man) respect your opponent and play your very best game every match. Words of wisdom that we will need to incorporate navigating our way to another championship season. We have been shocked by the gamecocks at their place in the past.
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