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    Re: 75th anniversary of D-Day...

    Quote Originally Posted by crimsonaudio View Post
    August 21, 1944: The escape of the German forces from the ‘Falaise pocket’ is now complete and many Germans have retreated to the east side of the Seine river. While more than 10,000 soldiers were killed and more than 40,000 captured, some 98,000 Germans remain to rebuild forces on the opposite bank of the Seine.
    The Allies had a second chance to trap those escaping German units by driving north along the Seine. While the Dives river is not a significant obstacle at Falaise, the Seine is.
    Here is a picture of the Seine at Rouen.
    Name:  Bridge_Jeanne_d'Arc_over_Seine_river_in_Rouen_(France).jpg
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    It is a modern bridge, but the size of the Seine shows how serious of an obstacle it would be.
    Seizing the east bank of the Seine would make for a hermetical seal and trap all the German forces.
    The problem is that the Seine is a winding river in the stretch.
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