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    Re: UA Offering Season and Mini-Package Tickets

    Quote Originally Posted by Bamabuzzard View Post
    You're describing exactly what a buddy of mine has continued to say over and over about today's sports fan. The game has (in many aspects) become secondary and not the main reason fans attend. It is the exact reason the Braves did what they did. Just attending and watching the game isn't enough anymore for today's fan.
    The issue with Alabama is that Tuscaloosa offers very little as an attraction. Think about everytime someone on here makes a thread along the lines of “ swinging by T-town for the weekend advice on what to do”. Then think about the common responses ... 1) go to museum 2) go to the Strip 3) go to the walk of champions 4) go to dreamland. Now analyze those 4 things. 2 of them you can do once and will never have to do them again, 1 is a decent BBQ joint that may or not be a good suggestion depending on the person, and the other is an overrated bar scene. The university allows very few shops and restaurants in the “game day” area that isn’t directly feeding the university. Parking is atrocious.

    Compare that to the Braves. The Battery is an area with all sorts of restaurants, bars, and shops surrounding condos and hotels. Just about everything is decently priced, and everything is in walking distance in the game day area. Parking is super easy and super affordable.

    Alabama’s most committed fans are the tailgating fans and the hardcore football fans. Tuscaloosa itself doesn’t offer a lot for the casual fans to justify fighting traffic, weather, parking, and donkey fans to come to more than 2 games a year.
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    Re: UA Offering Season and Mini-Package Tickets

    Quote Originally Posted by 81usaf92 View Post
    ...donkey fans...
    So, are you saying you don't like Democrats?

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    Re: UA Offering Season and Mini-Package Tickets

    Were the goodie bags received yet?

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    Send me up some Pibb Extra and Golden Flake potato chips please



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