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LoL. I am in Stuttgart with US Military...and to be more precise, Sindelfingen, the first home of Mercedes-Benz. Man, there are three things I look forward to on this board; 1. Jess’ post game summaries; 2. Earl’s posts after LSU fans go off the deep end; and 3. your recruiting updates. I’d gladly buy you a Maß at the next Oktober or Frühlingsfest if I could just listen to you describe the next years’ recruiting targets! Keep up the good work...and thank you for your service.
haha thanks for the kind words over there. Thank you for your service I passed through Germany in route to Afghanistan a few years ago seems like yesterday. One of the professors at bama came from Mercedes when they came to Tuscaloosa. Make sure you hit up the Germany national soccer games and Bundesliga games while there.
We have LB trying to jump on board (one visited very very recently) but we are being very selective with the top targets being Flowe & Smalls (Yes we would take both) (Grimes will play DE imo so please dont think he's not a priority)