JessN: Looking ahead to Bama’s 2020 NFL Draft
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    Article Looking ahead to Bama’s 2020 NFL Draft

    Looking ahead to Bama’s 2020 NFL Draft
    by Jess Nicholas
    TideFans Editor-In-Chief
    June 18th, 2019 12:26 AM

    The NFL Draft has recently become a sports-flavored version of three-card monte, with Bama seemingly supplying one out of every three cards for NFL teams to select.

    While the real math isn’t quite so tilted in Alabama’s favor, it also figures to be some time before Alabama stops being such a major presence on draft day. Nick Saban’s player development skills are the best in the business, and the 2019 Alabama Crimson Tide team figures to have more than its share of NFL-caliber hopefuls on the roster.

    Here’s a brief look at Alabama’s upcoming seniors, as well as underclassmen who might consider declaring early for the draft.

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    Re: Looking ahead to Bama’s 2020 NFL Draft

    Thanks for off-season analysis - a very happy surprise this morning!

    I remain hopeful that more than a few of those guys stick around. I think one of the three WR amigos may stay - probably not Jeudy, but maybe Deonte. I think a few of the linemen from both sides of the ball may stay also, unless they are obviously getting passed by this ridiculous recruiting class.

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    Re: Looking ahead to Bama’s 2020 NFL Draft

    Excellent info as always. Thanks, Jess.

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    Re: Looking ahead to Bama’s 2020 NFL Draft

    Very interesting read Jess, thank you! It seems to me that there is a mixture of sure fire high picks among the underclassmen as well as many that will have a very hard decision to make. I only hope that those not projected to get at least second round money stick around to develop another year and provide much needed leadership that seems to plague some our younger teams filling starting roles of late.
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    Re: Looking ahead to Bama’s 2020 NFL Draft

    Great read as always, Jess! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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