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    Re: How to lose friends in less than five minutes

    You triggered my PTSD.

    In 1988, my old man retired from the military as an E-9. He was 42 years old. After a year struggling that included him going to get an Associate's Degree in Metalworking, he basically got his old job back when a civilian contractor took over the jobs, and he was the Executive VP in charge of hiring for the company. He did that for five years, but a few days after he turned 48, they lost the contract, and he lost his job.

    He did some consulting work, where he flew into Baltimore and would stay a week here and a week there.

    And then he discovered Amway. And I discovered what eternity in Hell feels like.

    Every damn rally they had once a month over in Dalton, GA, he drove the four hours to sit and spent my inheritance on those God forsaken tapes, now for a nickel at nice rummage sales everywhere. And he was always a tad arrogant but my got to the point I wouldn't go visit them, and they were just a short five-hour jaunt.

    I couldn't stand to be in the room with him because EVERYTHING revolved around "building your own business" and "being your own boss" and "not being like the lazy other person."

    My Mom graduated from Judson College in 1968 with a 1.8 GPA. She's by no means an intellect. But I'll confess it was hilarious seeing her tell him that the only way he was gonna get rich in Amway was to find a way to sell other folks those same tapes and books he's already spent hundreds (or more) on. They went to this national rally in PA, another one in DC, another one in Orlando (I think - I wasn't there, so don't hold me to the details because I didn't care).

    And when I went with him ten miles down the road to Saturday morning coffee - he HAD to play one of those damned Amway tapes and "what I was missing."

    It took him about six years or so to get wise to the thing. He parroted quotes from the meetings, the tapes, to the point you'd think you were in one of those rooms where they show POWs propaganda films to brainwash them.

    Meanwhile, I learned the secret of George Costanza. Just LOOK irritated and people will think you're busy and leave you alone. I'm one of the rudest people to salesmen you'll ever see, and I'm nice to everybody.
    My New Year's resolution for 2019 is this year I'm not going to drink anymore. I'm not going to drink any less, either.

    I was married for 25 years, but if I'd killed her on the honeymoon, I'd have been out in less than 20.

    Butch Jones has richly earned his title, The Archbishop of Talentbury

    After reading all the horrible things drinking will do to you....I gave up reading.

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    Re: How to lose friends in less than five minutes

    Quote Originally Posted by uafan4life View Post
    Just playing devil's advocate here...

    It could be that the couple simply, honestly fell for the saleswoman's shtick and truly believed it was something you genuinely needed, even if you didn't realize it.

    That doesn't excuse the behavior, by any means, but might make it more palatable.

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    I would give someone a pass on the first time he called. No problem there. But when the wife called, it would be a bit much, but might let that go.

    But giving my number to the MLM guy is crossing a line.

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