25 Toughest Football Schedules in 2019
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    25 Toughest Football Schedules in 2019

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    Re: 25 Toughest Football Schedules in 2019

    Seems they forgot someone.
    Just a barner.

    There goes Davis!

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    Re: 25 Toughest Football Schedules in 2019

    Ole Miss
    Texas A&M
    South Carolina

    Wonder why those six all made the list?

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    Re: 25 Toughest Football Schedules in 2019

    Ok Iím sorry but NO PAC-12 team should be ahead of any and I literally mean any of the SEC teams concerning SOS. This is double for any SECW team.

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    Re: 25 Toughest Football Schedules in 2019

    Gee, I guess I must be missing something......

    12) Ole Miss
    Playing in the SEC West is always a dangerous proposition,

    But Alabama plays in the SEC West, and they don't play anybody....

    and the Rebels will again face off against some of the nation's elite.

    Keep reading....

    Ole Miss opens with Memphis at the Liberty Bowl

    Memphis was 8-6, Duke was 8-5

    before a three-game homestand against Arkansas, Southeastern Louisiana and California.

    Alabama plays Arkansas, too.
    USM is tougher than SE La
    And Cal is coming off a 7-6 year

    At the end of September, Ole Miss heads to Tuscaloosa to take on an Alabama team that has outscored the Rebels 128-10 over the last two seasons.

    But that never plays anybody so they're really not that good......

    The last four games will see Mississippi host Texas A&M, go to Auburn and then return home for New Mexico State and LSU before facing rival Mississippi State on the road.

    Alabama GOES TO ATM, GOES TO Auburn, has NM State and LSU at home, and faces MSU on the road.

    Alabama's setup for those SAME FIVE GAMES is tougher than the Ole Miss setup.

    Alabama and Ole Miss play SIX common foes: Arky, ATM, Auburn, NM State, LSU, and MSU

    Memphis MIGHT be >>>>>> Duke (but it's not substantial)
    SE La MIGHT be >>>>>>> WCU
    Tennessee MIGHT be >>>>> Vandy
    SCAR >>>>>>> Mizzou (again close)
    Cal >>>>>>> USM (I can buy that)

    Ole Miss' schedule is AT BEST 5% better than Alabama's......with one obvious exception: Alabama plays Ole Miss while Ole Miss plays Alabama.

    And THIS......is why you can't get wrapped around the axle about SOS.

    SOS only matters if you actually WIN the games. Saying you PLAYED a team that killed you and therefore you "played a tougher schedule" is worthless.

    How in the world is Ole Miss playing a top flight schedule and we're playing a cupcake one?
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