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    Re: Sport Illustrated Top 100 Players for 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by CajunCrimson View Post
    If it's me, and I'm building my team from scratch -- I think I might be taking Ruggs first.....over our other WRs.... not a slight on any of them, I just think Henry is a beast who doesn't take plays off....and finds the end zone.

    I also think he is the best blocker. As you say, he is a beast.

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    Re: Sport Illustrated Top 100 Players for 2019

    How is Ruggs III NOT in the Top 100??

    I'm not going to outright saying he's better than Jeudy..... but he's just as good.

    I DO think he's a better all-around WR than Waddle though and that's not me trying to diss Waddle because he's great too.

    But Ruggs was in the Top 4 in TD's per reception. For every 4.18 catches he's in the Endzone!!!

    I also agree he's a hell of a blocker..... tenacious like Julio was during his time here.

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    Re: Sport Illustrated Top 100 Players for 2019

    Maybe SI saw Nick covering Ruggs in practice!
    to 16 and beyond........



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