Cesar Sayoc's (The MagaBomber) lay out how he was radicalized By Hannity and Fox
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    Cesar Sayoc's (The MagaBomber) lay out how he was radicalized By Hannity and Fox

    post headline should have read

    Sayoc's Attorneys lay out


    WaPo but doesn't appear pay walled


    Mr. Sayoc began watching Fox News religiously and following Trump supporters on social media. He became a vocal political participant on Facebook, something he had not done previously. He was not discerning of the pro-Trump information he received, and by the time of his arrest, he was “connected” to hundreds of right-wing Facebook groups. Many of these groups promoted various conspiracy theories and, more generally, the idea that Trump’s critics were dangerous, unpatriotic, and evil....They deployed provocative language to depict Democrats as murderous, terroristic, and violent.....Fox News furthered these arguments. For example, just days before Mr. Sayoc mailed his packages, Sean Hannity said on his program that a large “number of Democratic leaders [were] encouraging mob violence against their political opponents.” Hannity Transcript, FOX NEWS (Oct. 11, 2018).
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