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    Re: Notre Dame is a product

    Quote Originally Posted by ALA2262 View Post
    Only thing!? It's the only thing you wish to see..
    Sure I would've loved to see them win, but its still not a great call at that point of the game. The guy never established position . You can go on and on at how you believe he was and did, but I doubt you have a vast majority of umpires willing to call that an ordinary effort or a clear position to the ball. So no it isn't a clear cut call, its a judgement at best. The only 100% right call in that whole chain of events by the umpires was sticking with the call on the field.
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    Re: Notre Dame is a product

    Quote Originally Posted by 81usaf92 View Post
    1996 was probably the only World Series choke the Braves actually have. Taking the 1st 2 games in New York, and having a total 8th inning collapse in Game 4 constitutes as a choke when you consider that was the best Braves team of all time playing against a Yankees team that possibly isn't in the top 10 Yankees team. Atlanta far and away was the better team. 1999 New York was, but 1996 Atlanta was. But the most painful world series is still 1991.

    But I think people try their best to lump the Braves of the 90's in with Georgia, the Bills, and Peyton Manning led teams. But Atlanta choked fewer times than people really think
    Great post.

    Another thing is that they almost always had a serious weakness which was overlooked or ignored because of their great starting pitching and very good defense. Usually their offense or relief pitching or both were mediocre or barely good. They were never a complete team.

    IMO, Bobby Cox was a great manager, though like everyone he made a few strategic or tactical errors. IMO, he made a bad judgment call when he took out Bielecki after the 7th in game 4 with Atlanta leading 6-3. Bielecki was blowing NY away having struck out 4 in 2 hitless innings. He was a spot starter and long reliever so had plenty left in the tank. Cox wanted to get to Wohlers who always struggled with 2 inning saves. Bielecki was throwing 95 (which at that time was like 98-100 now) at the time (my guess is that he was on PEDs that year since his fastball was previously ~90.) The Yankees couldn't touch him and Cox took him out. Of course Wohlers gave up the 3 spot his first inning but I still think it would have been different if Bielecki had gone another inning or even 2. (I know Wohlers threw 98-102 or so, but Bielecki had a bit of a funky motion that made his fastball more effective. More importantly, he was fearless while Wohlers was always a bit fragile. Unfortunately, subsequent history showed that to be true as MW never really recovered.)

    Anyway, that changed the course of baseball history because it not only affected that year, but IMO, years to come.



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