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I've seen more than one ranking using the term, " in the modern era." This is usually identified as either at the start of the AP poll ( 1936 ), or at the end of WWII...from 1946 on. OU fares well in these rankings, and has been named #1 in more than one. The strength that seems to be the thread in these rankings for OU is " consistency." Personally, since Saban's arrival and using the " modern era" parameter, I'd have Alabana #1 & OU #2. My remaining 3 in a top 5 would be ND, USC, and TOSU, in no particular order. Nebraska is close, probably 6th.
In either "modern era" you cite, I find it hard to select anyone but Alabama as number 1. They have 12 wire service (AP and/or Coaches) NCs, OU has 7 - how can OU or ND with 8 be placed above them. Bama does well in all of the other metrics as well (1 win from 1st place in total wins, 1% behind in 3rd place in %, 2nd in major bowl wins, 1 in 1 vs 2 matchups, ?tied for 1st in 10 win seasons?, etc.). But 50% more NCs than #2 ND and almost double OU's NCs. And they did this in the toughest conf in the country for much of the time (6 SEC teams in the top 15 all time, no other conf has more than 2 - PSU and Neb are late additions to B10 and past their prime), OU was in a 2 team, occasionally 3 team, conf.

OTOH, to put OU at 10 "all time" is a joke. They must be in any top 5, even "all time". Most of the national success of the "blue bloods" (Bama, ND, OU, OSU, USC, Mich, UTx, reluctantly Neb) except for Mich started in the late teens or 20s. Even OSU really didn't start til the 40s.