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Najee's running style isn't conducive to how this oline is currently blocking. Najee's style seems to be for him to be patient and wait for the hole to open then hit it. Where as K Robinson's seems to be "one cut" and get to north and south as quick as possible even if it means the hole hasn't fully developed as open or opened up at all. The holes the Oline are currently opening aren't staying open long. So hitting them at the right time and getting to and through them quick, are paramount. Until the OL gets better I expect Harris to continue struggle to reach what we know he can do.
I understand what you are saying and it does make sense, but I know he had to make some adjustments with his running game. He is missing some of the holes at times and that's not like of him to do that. That's why I wondered if OL shifted to wrong spot and accidently closed the lane for Harris? But if so, he should've made adjustments at last minute. I 'm not worried about them.. To me, they will get this fixed.