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    Re: NMSU wrapup: Bama at its best when offense is wide open

    Nicely done as always Jess!

    Quote Originally Posted by JessN View Post
    Hard for me to believe right now that two straight OL coaches have been unable to motivate talented linemen to block aggressively.

    I think it's more an identity problem. When your identity is a pass-first offense it's not easy to get in the mindset that you're going to line up and run over people. On top of that, the TE group is not helping at all. We've got guys missing assignments left and right from that group, in addition to running backs not going where they're supposed to. The tight end thing scares me. In the preseason, I mentioned a couple of times that TE scared me as much or more than ILB. Right now our ILB are playing lights-out all things considered. Our TEs, while good receivers, have not. The loss of Kedrick James in the preseason was just huge.

    I thought we got better blocking when Amos was in the game at TE but it's hard to tell because by that time, NMSU was ready to go home. Again, hard for me to believe the problem is lack of aggressiveness or talent on the OL. We don't have a single red-chip guy up there. They're all blue chips and we have 15 of them. It's something else.
    I think this nails it. Because of our elite passing game I think that identity will be passing to set up the run. We will have limited success on traditional running downs so the playcalling is going to be a point of emphasis to get lanes for these backs IMHO.
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    Re: NMSU wrapup: Bama at its best when offense is wide open

    Jess thanks again for your review and follow up post game. Both are the best anywhere on the internet.

    Re watched game focusing on OL. Evan Neal missed so many blocks lost count. He might be better suited as a tackle not a guard. Dickerson is not the answer at center. Dalcourt has played the best at the position. Womack is getting downfield blocks but no one else to be found. Until the OL learns how to run block as a group afraid the RB's will struggle no matter who is back there.

    Is it just me or does Tua not seem to be missing more passes. Wonder if he has concerns he might get re-injured.

    Defense is surprising. Shane Lee has been stellar as has Harris. Cannot afford to lose either. Hopefully Edgiobe (spelling?) returns to bolster the depth. Glad to see more players getting the chance to play. Hard to beat experience.

    A bit concerned with South Carolina and our OL this weekend but can only hope Saban and the coaches find the answer and quick.



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