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    Re: What happened to Thursday night college football?

    Quote Originally Posted by RTR91 View Post
    If I had to guess, the answer is along these lines.

    Intentional or not, it happened because the bigger names that agreed to Thursday games 10+ years ago realized the ramifications of NFL games being played on Thursday night.
    I used to enjoy watching Georgia Tech play on Thursday nights back in 2008-2011. Seemed like they played almost every Thursday, and it was interesting watching Paul Johnson try and run his weird flexbone offense in a D1 conference. It was usually on just after one of my labs and my lab partner and myself would walk down to the Strip to watch. Now GT sucks, Paul Johnson is gone, nobody good plays on Thursday nights, and I havenít been in college in years. Oh how the wheel turns.
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    Re: What happened to Thursday night college football?

    They start next week and itíll last til the end of the season.

    The more marquee weekday games will be on Friday Night now though which makes sense given the rise of Thursday Night NFL Football.



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