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Vol 1:
Next week, I have to travel with my brother to the Alabama game. He is a Bama fan (must have hit his head hard as a kid because everyone else in my family is VFL). There’s one in every family. If this were the 90’s I’d be thrilled but having to sit through a bad game and hear the Alabama fans makes me sick.
Obviously, I expect a beat down so I have nothing to lose but if we could pull out an upset...it would be the sweetest ride home.
In the spirit of positive vibes, I’m curious if anyone can think of an upset that could compare to the kind of upset it would be if we could beat Alabama?

Vol 2:
Buddy, just get plastered before the game. That’s the only saving grace.

Vol 3:
You're much better off not going down this rabbit hole, buddy. Just enjoy the win today.

Vol 4:
in 1982- we beat The Bear! Not expected, was his final year. Pretty special. Miami in the Sugar Bowl was a good one too

Vol 5:
I swear Saban must have his team on some crazy non-detectable supplements. They play insanely fast and strong. Always not normal hyped up. Energy like i've never seen. Their speed is just crazy. Always over the top maximum effort every play. It just doesn't seem normal.

Vol 6:
I don’t think if we won it’d be an upset, but rather an unbelievable once in a millennium miracle.

Vol 7:
There’s a lot more than just juice flowing down there in Tuscaloosa.

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Bag men are everywhere.

Vol 8:
Cheating commies

It's amazing. They've had losing seasons for several years in a row now, just lost to Georgia State and BYU, yet they somehow think that our streak over them is caused by:

The supernatural

They're definitely having conVOLsions.
A few of them are feeling their oats since beating Miss State...……………….and feel they will leave Bama with a win. I want a real big win and see them fall back into their misery