Taking my Mom for her annual checkup tomorrow and part of the process will be prescription med configuration and management.

Mom has been getting 90 days supply shipments via mail but they come in the conventional pill bottles and she dutifully sits at her kitchen table and meters them into one of those weekly plastic pill dispensers that have Sunday through Saturday compartments.

She's pretty good about keeping track of things but in an effort to be more proactive in heading off potential issues, I want to look into one of those services that send a month's supply of her meds already packaged in individual packets like this (from the CVS webpage):

PillPack is one service (through Amazon) and the other I know of is called Multidose and is run by CVS.

She currently takes about 4 different meds - plus Calcium and a vitamin.

I intend to research but thought I'd run it by the brain trust here as well - appreciate any input or thoughts - thanks!