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IMO: Tua and Lia throw more fast bullet passes. The passes that have more loft to them will be easier to intercept. Velocity often makes it harder to intercept a pass, than the passes that are lofted.
Maybe of more importance is how quick a player gets off a well thrown ball.
A quick release can make it harder on pass rushers. It might result in the QB being hit less, or more flags thrown against the other team for late hits against our QB.
Either way I think we win...
I'm not disagreeing. They both have strong arms but all passes can't be thrown like that. Deep crosses and seam routes have to typically be thrown over LBs with some touch and the and the medium to long down and out sideline pattern often have to be thrown over LBs/DBs with some touch.

The beautiful thing about Tua is that he can make both types of throws where he drills it (like the slant patterns that have a small window) and the longer throws that require some touch/loft on them.