Montana Fouts and the Olympics
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    Montana Fouts and the Olympics

    In today's Tuscaloosa News, the headline of the Sports section was about Montana Fouts being one of 8 pitchers to be invited to try out for the 2020 Olympic team.

    If she makes it, she'll redshirt this season, and I'm really torn on that.

    On one hand, the Olympics is such a great opportunity, you have to understand the redshirt.

    On the other hand, with her as the pitching ace, this team has a legitimate shot at the National Championship. Without her, we're still really good, but probably not NC material.

    Altruistically, I hope she achieves the opportunity of a lifetime. Selfishly, I hope she's the number five pitcher in the tryouts, plays for us in the season, wins it all in OKC this coming spring, and is the ace for the 2024 Olympic team.
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    Re: Montana Fouts and the Olympics

    I am really looking forward to seeing our pitching staff .Fouts,Kilfoyl,Cornell.Talk about depth.We're going all the way in 2020!



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