Boeing just keeps taking it in the 'nads...

Pilots for Southwest Airlines (LUV) have sued Boeing over $100 million in lost compensation they say was caused by the grounding of its 737 MAX plane.

Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, in a complaint filed Monday on behalf of the pilots, claims Boeing (BA) "deliberately" misled pilots about the safety of the aircraft, which caused two fatal crashes in less than six months killing 346 people. It also alleges the ongoing grounding of the 737 MAX which has resulted in thousands of flight cancellations at many airlines including Southwest has reduced the pilots' opportunities for work. This has resulted in lost compensation to pilots of more than $100 million, the complaint states.
I'm not sure how valid a lawsuit this is--no one forced the Southwest pilots to take a job for an airline that flies 737s exclusively--but if this suit does have merit, then the covfefe's gonna hit the fan, bigly.