New Alabama Elephant Logo?
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    New Alabama Elephant Logo?

    Does anyone know where this "Mad Elephant" Logo comes from? I saw it a lot while looking for a hat for my son. I think it is really cool, but I've never seen it before today.

    It is a new offical school logo or something some enterprising young lad came up with?

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    link does not work
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    Big A

    It's just the Zepher hat brand they have em for all the schools!

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    looks like something they would sell at Walmart

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    I hate that logo. I have seen it and just don't understand it.

    Anyway, when I saw the thread title, I thought we actually had an official brand new logo. I said "Oh no, not again!". Don't get me wrong the Script A is pretty cool and easy to draw and all that jazz, but I still like the old A we had with the elephant coming through like we had in the 90's. Either way though, if it deals with Alabama football...I like it!
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    I hate the most recent elephant logo. I wish that they would go back to the old-school logo of the big A with the elephant crashing through it.

    You can still find some of that stuff, and thats all that I will buy.
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    Thank you, thank you very much.

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    and this will turn in to another logo debate......Feb. 24, get here now !

    BTW, that is NOT AN OFFICIAL already stated, it's a zephyr design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uafootball92
    ..., but I still like the old A we had with the elephant coming through like we had in the 90's.
    I agree.

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    Big A

    I always thought the old elephant in the A looked amaturish and at best cartoonish........ The script A and the new elephant suit me just fine.
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    This logo reminds me of the NBC drama, Surface. What is it suppose to be? It looks like a DNA experiment gone awry...mixture between a Mollusk and the Marlins logo?

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    The logo needs a fierce-looking mahout on top to give it a more intimidating look.

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    If you think the Zepher elephant head looks bad you should see their design for Auburn. It looks so ridiculous, you can't even tell what it is.
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