NCAA 07 Deals at Fry's...HOT!!
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    Exclaim NCAA 07 Deals at Fry's...HOT!!

    If you live near a Fry's, they've got an awesome deal on NCAA 07 this week.

    Xbox 360 version - $40 ($59.99 - $20 Instant Rebate)

    Xbox, PS2 versions - $30 ($49.99 - $20 Instant Rebate)

    Fry's Electronics

    For those that don't live near a Fry's, Fry's online store has the 360 version for $47.99 shipped free (+ tax if you live in a state that has Fry's).

    The PS2 version is $36.99

    For some reason, the Xbox version is showing as $49.99
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    Re: NCAA 07 Deals at Fry's...HOT!!

    fry's likes to buy bulk so they get discounts.
    the ps2 outsold the xbox last gen and they bought alot more ps2 copies than xbox.
    who knows they might change that price though
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