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    Re: BBQ Mop/Dippin' Sauce for Pulled Pork & Pork Ribs

    Quote Originally Posted by Bamabuzzard View Post
    I've found with bbq many times "simpler" is MUCH MUCH better. When I first starting bbq'n I got all into rubs and thought that was the key to good Q. But I was dead wrong. I cut way back on the rub fascination and simply started focusing on the meat. I now do not do ANYTHING to my ribs before I put them on the smoker. I smoke them "naked" for the first four to four and a half hours then the last half hour to an hour I put this mop sauce on them and let the heat caramelize it to the ribs. I do the same with pork butts.

    I've now got people ASKING me to smoke meat for them. I just did pork butts and ribs for a party of 50 two weekends ago. Two days after I had a guy from the party ask me would I smoke several slabs for him for his personal consumption. It's not that I'm a great bbq'er I just figured out that the meat, smoke and heat does a great job by itself. It doesn't need me screwing it up.
    That is sound advice BB. I've come to discover, as you have too, that if your looking for some kick or sweetness or whatever to your meat, a good sauce near the end will do just fine. There ain't no telling how many things I've tried and "off the shelf" rubs I've bought over the years and thrown away. Simpler IS better. Same goes for Chickens and such too. Salt, Pepper and Beer over Pecan wood is my favorite for fowl. Breast down in a pan is the trick for super moist Turkey breast. I'm not a hugh Chicken fan but a smoker full of Chicken halves is pretty awesome grub.

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    Re: BBQ Mop/Dippin' Sauce for Pulled Pork & Pork Ribs

    I've found another good variation of this recipe. Increase the black pepper to one tablespoon and add a "heaping" wooden spoonful of grape jelly. Smacking lip good.
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    Re: BBQ Mop/Dippin' Sauce for Pulled Pork & Pork Ribs

    Quote Originally Posted by bayoutider View Post
    Guys I ran across this spice last year and have been using it in my cooking ever since. I use it just like I would use black pepper. Its a mix of black pepper and cayenne pepper. It doesn't raise the heat level too much but it does add some extra kick. It's really good in rubs, on eggs, in sauces and gravies.

    Mash here to order

    Buy a shaker jar and one refill. The refill will fill the shaker almost two times.
    Seems like it would be simple enough to make your own and you could make it to suit your taste. Also would be a lot cheaper.
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    Re: BBQ Mop/Dippin' Sauce for Pulled Pork & Pork Ribs

    I had this today. It was pretty good for NJ BBQ

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