Alabama: 10/3/2022 Thru 10/9/2022

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Alabama fans sound off on Bill O’Brien’s usage of Jalen Milroe
Alabama RB Emmanuel Henderson (#24) next to OC Bill O'Brien in 2022 Fall Camp Practice'Brien in 2022 Fall Camp Practice
Alabama had a wrench thrown in their game plan against Arkansas when quarterback Bryce Young was knocked out of the game in the second quarter. With backup quarterback Jalen Milroe taking over, the Crimson Tide’s offense came to a halt in the third quarter when it was shut out. This prompted Alabama fans to take […]
BOB wanted to sit on a lead. The whole 3rd qtr. Great way to lose.
The way to give Jalen more experience is to let him throw the ball some. I get it that Bryce is a better passer, but the way to play winning FB is to make the plays unpredictable. Let Jalen run some, and pass some. Jalen may be a better QB than what BOB is giving him credit for.
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