2006 Alabama Signee Lists with Bios, Articles, and Team Recruiting Rankings

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Jul 14, 2001
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Bama Mag: 2006 Bama Signees List

Bama On Line: 2006 Bama Signees List

Bama Signee is listed after the signee's name when the LOI is received with links to their profiles.

Bama has three 2005 gray shirt signees that have signed with Bama and count toward the 2006 year's 25 scholarships. They are Sam Burnthall, Cole Harvey, and Travis Sikes. They participated in bowl practices and in January they became fulltime students. They are freshmen and will participate in spring practice. They will have five years in which to play four years.

Sam Burnthall, (Bama signee)

Cole Harvey, (Bama signee)

Travis Sikes, (Bama signee)

There are also two expected walk-ons:

Leigh Tiffin (Walk-On)
Adam Hill (Walk-On)

Earl Alexander, (Bama signee), Phenix City, AL.
Greg McElroy, (Bama signee), Southlake, TX.

Running Backs:
Mike Ford, (Bama Signee), Sarasota, FL.
Terry Grant, (Bama signee), Lumberton, MS.

Wide Receivers:
Mike McCoy, (Bama signee), Brandon, MS.
Nikita Stover, (Bama signee), Hartselle, AL.

Tight Ends:
Preston Dial, (Bama signee), Mobile, AL.

Offensive Linemen:
Brian Motley, (Bama signee), Autaugaville, AL.
Taylor Pharr, (Bama signee), Irondale, AL.
David Ross, (Bama signee), Homewood, AL.
Andre Smith, (Bama signee), Birmingham, AL.
Alex Stadler, (Bama signee), Bealeton, VA.

Defensive Linemen:
Milton Talbert, (Bama signee), Hattiesburg, MS.

Charlie Higgenbotham, (Bama signee), Mountain Brook, AL.
LaBronski Hutchins, (Bama signee), Alexander City, AL.
Charlie Kirschman, (Bama signee), St. Augustine, FL.

Defensive Backs:
Javier Arenas, ( Bama signee), Tampa, FL.
Tremayne Coger, ( Bama signee), Columbia, TN.
Andy Davis, (Bama signee), Birmingham, AL.
Marquis Johnson, (Bama signee), Sarasota, FL.
Jake Jones, (Bama signee), Mountain Brook, AL.
Marcus Udell, (Bama signee), Tallahassee, FL.
Justin Woodall, (Bama signee), Oxford, MS.
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Can we include a couple of transfers?
1. Max Martin, RB (Michigan)
2. Jonathan Lowe, RB (Miss. St)
Also, has Mike Sparks, K been confirmed as a walk-on?


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bamasoldier71 said:
Can we include a couple of transfers?
1. Max Martin, RB (Michigan)
2. Jonathan Lowe, RB (Miss. St)
Also, has Mike Sparks, K been confirmed as a walk-on?
I wouldn't count them in the '06 class because they can't play until '07.

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Oct 15, 2005
I was curious about Mike Sparks also. He was not listed in the post above. The last that I had heard he was planning on walking on but that was before Leigh Tiffin. Thanks in advance.

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Kicker Leigh Tiffin and Punter Adam Hill are both walking on. I have heard that Mike Sparks is also walking-on at Alabama but I have not seen anything in print about him.

Adam Hill: To Walk-On with The Tide
Adam Hill, from Douglasville-Chapel Hill, Georgia, will compete for a starting role for Alabama.

"I decided last Sunday (1-29) after my official visit to Alabama that I would walk-on," said Adam Hill. "I met with Coach [Mike] Shula. He told me they wanted me on the football team as an invited walk-on."
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A closer look at the class of '06: The RBs

Mike Ford
2005: Played at Hargrave Military Prep after failing to qualify this past August. An explosive and physical back, Ford has the potential to be next in a long line of great Alabama running backs. He has the talent to run over a linebacker and out run a defensive back to the corner. During the combine at Hargrave, he measured in at 6'2", 220 lbs while posting a 4.41 40 yard dash and a 37 inch vertical leap.

Academic status: very, very close
Stats: Approximately 90 carries for 900 yards and 10 TDs
2006 prediction: has the potential to come in and get carries
Profile Links: Rivals , Scout

Terry Grant
Mr. Football in Mississippi once again lands in Tuscaloosa, as Terry Grant outlasted the home state pressure and signed with the Tide. Grant, like Ford, has tremendous potential and is an outstanding athlete. At 5'10", 180 lbs he has garnered comparisons to Tide greats Sherman Williams and Shaud Williams. Grant can take it to the house on any play, verified by a 4.29 40 he posted at a camp at FSU this summer. Grant is also versatile enough to line up in the slot if necessary.

Academic status: should qualify
Stats: 243 carries for 2720 yards and 35 TDs (8000 yds and 80 TD for career)
2006 Prediction: if impressive he could compete for carries, but with the forseen depth at RB, a redshirt could be probable. Could also help in the return game.
Profile links: Rivals , Scout

Additional note: These two were #1 and #2 on the staff's board for RBs this year.

Overall Grade: A+
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crimsoncolored said:
If Bama redshirts Grant, do we even sign a RB next year?
I have read that Bama will only be able to sign 15 in 2007 but that number will likely grow with normal attrition. If we can't sign the full 25, with the emphasis that will be put on the DL and LB's, and we do sign RB's it will probably be the big and quick backs that can be moved to LB if necessary.
Since this recruiting class was minus DL I look for the TOP linemen to be lining up to come to Bama next year. :cool2:


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Agree regarding the redshirt of Grant next year... the only way I believe he will play is if (1) we sustain injuries at RB or (2) he shows himself to be the best of the returners (especially KR). Regarding next year, unless we see some of our current players moved to FB, look for the staff to sign at least one and likely a couple. IMO, we have at least 3 guys on the team that could be moved to FB to shore the area up... McCall, Huber, and Johns (can play anywhere). Due to the depth that we are going to have, believe Huber could be a good move... it is possible that he can be out of the mix the next couple of years at DE if he's not moved. However, if Davidson comes back strong, could see McClain make that switch easily also. As far as Johns go, well you know he would be able to make that type of transition if need be. Also, as someone mentioned earlier in the week, I believe we are seeing CMS accumulate the personnel to be able to run the split backfield (ala Auburn with Ronnie and Carnell). If any of the three move, might allow us to only sign one and possibly none.

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Shula On The Tide

Shula On The Tide
Alabama Coach Mike Shula met with the media for the first time since the Cotton Bowl Saturday and discussed recruiting, the off-season program, the situation with transfers and injured players as spring practice approaches, staff changes, and even the events of last Wednesday, which was signing day and also the day Ryan Lucy Shula came into this world.

Ordinarily, the Alabama head football coach would have met with sportswriters on Wednesday, signing day, but that was also the day Mike Shula’s wife, Shari, delivered their third daughter, Ryan Lucy Shula. Bama’s head coach was asked about the events of that day when he met with reporters Saturday morning.

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Jul 14, 2001
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You are welcome. Here is another good CMS article.

CECIL HURT: Andre Smith can’t block everything
While nearly every University of Alabama football fan in the state was keeping at least one eye and one ear on Parade All-America lineman Andre Smith’s press conference last Wednesday, at least one interested party wasn’t paying much attention.

That would be Crimson Tide head coach Mike Shula, who had more urgent matters demanding his attention.


Oct 13, 1999
Can someone fill me in as to why Williams started over Ford at Hargrave if he is ranked better? Thanks


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Mar 14, 2001
BigBama said:
Can someone fill me in as to why Williams started over Ford at Hargrave if he is ranked better?
My understanding is that it was done to give Williams more exposure to recruiters that came through Hargrave. Mike Ford was fully supportive and understanding of the situation.
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