PICK'EM: 2020 Tidefans Pickem Pool [Week 5 DEADLINE: 11am CT 10/3]


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Apr 9, 1999
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WEEK 5 Results are in!

1ST PLACE: Congrats @Chastide for picking 7 games correctly! You win Week 5!

2ND PLACE: @Huckleberry picked 6 correctly & for the tiebreaker, said the SEC rushing leader would have 127 yards (UK's Rodriquez rushed for 133yds yesterday )

3RD PLACE @CajunCrimson picked 6 correctly & said 122 yards.

Congrats ! Make sure you enter this week's Pickem once we post it so you, too, can be eligible for season prizes! The more weeks you enter, the better chance you have to win something :)

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