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Feb 4, 2018
Marietta, GA
We just received a couple of CB’s for WR Cole Adams. Not sure if he is the one committing though. Both guys are Oklahoma Insiders.

He’d be a good get as well……. Need some OL and DL too
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Nov 10, 2021
Absolutely. Will feel a lot better about the class if we could pick up a couple of linemen between now and Dec. It all starts up front.
In a perfect world? Here is who we sign. Of course we all know the world is NOT perfect.Far from it. To go along the Formby(OG),who we have a commitment from as OL:
1)F Mauigoa or Proctor-Dont believe we get them both...
2)Sam Okunlola-Hope so
3)O Allinen-kick inside
4)M McVay

D- Linemen
1)Peter Woods
2)James Smith
3)Kelby Collins
4)Flip Keon Keeley by ALL MEANS necessary :ROFLMAO: If not then sign J Renaud and give him some time to grow into a 5 or 7 technique

I still believe in The Big fat man at the North Pole!...Be nice though...

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