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Sep 1, 2019
Re: Jamil Burroughs decommits from Georgia.

Looking at Clemson's DLine commitments so are we looking on those joing Burroughs.

Do we have a chance with Jordan Burch?
Does Tim Smith flip to Florida?
How's it looking for McKinnley Jackson?

Losing Alfano, just curious how the DLine will look. I know Clemson has had a dominant DLine and they look like they are continuing to recruit better along that side of the line. Have any of their big time DLine recruits crashed out or transferred?


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so with his commitment to Bama official, here some tidbits on JB.
at one time he was ranked the 55th best player in the nation. there is a reason why his offer list is so impressive.
he gained some bad weight during the off season and also performed poorly in camps. so ultimately, his rankings took a big hit.
that did not stop Saban and staff from recruiting him. he can move really well for a big man and can be downright dominant if you watch his early HS highlights.
lots of Bama fans were wondering why Bama continued to recruit him let alone accepted his commitment.
furthermore, with UGA not heavily involved with him once he de committed, many thought we were talking UGA leftovers.
we shall see what he is made of once Cochran gets him into shape and how much effort he is willing to put in in order to prove the naysayers wrong.
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