2023 Recruiting: 5* DB Tony Mitchell commits to Bama


1st Team
Nov 10, 2021
As I said before Bama was in good shape with Mitchell but I didn't think we were getting his commitment this early. This could potentially set a trend with some of the high profile kids to commit sooner. Hopefully he becomes the first of the 2 Thompson kids to come on board. All of a sudden June became exciting!
Hope the "Money" man,Fegans, and J Alexander can talk some sense into their teammate and keep him home. He is a very important piece to this class for a lot of reasons,no more so than the fact he is one terrific young D-Lineman!! Tremendous athleticism,strength,quickness,and a "huge" motor.

Besides I am a selfish TIDE fan!...Just the way it is :ROFLMAO: ..I want to see the nutritionists and the S+C put about 20 goods lbs on Pete and Khurtiss Perry and watch them go to work playing 5+7 techniques(plus some 3 technique slid in for good measure) for about 2-3 yrs together.!!

These 2 young men are about as violent and physical as any 2 Interior guys you will see coming out of H.S...Just a lot of technical work to refine in the beginning.Now as far as Oatis this year,and James Smith next year? The learning curve wont be quite as steep playing some 0 and 1-shade,and sliding out to a 3 technique some when they play Nickle.And I believe in Hastings also.especially as he learns how to play.....Some possible,exciting football to be played up front defensively on the interior,and soon.

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