5 reasons why Washington will win.

RJ YellowHammer

Hall of Fame
Sep 1, 2009
Memphis, Tn
This will be my first trip to Tuscaloosa. Where can I find the coldest beer in town? I think this will be a fun game and hope nobody gets hurt. It's a shame we have to knock you out of the semis since you deserve to get to play in the title game. Here are the five reasons UW wins.

1. Jack "Cobra" Browning - He is the best player on the field, enough said on that. He has two years of college and four years of high school under his belt and he will do everything possible to win the game.

2. Offensive Line - They average a weight of 332 lbs across the line, they are ready to dominate the line of scrimmage. Addams, Ossai, Center, Emptmankamp, Sarell, MacGary etc. These boys have the attitude and are ready to rumble.

3. Kawasaki - New Defensive Scheme and a new attitude. Every player has spoke out about the difference between the defense against Washington State and Colorado, we will see a much improved defense on New Years.

4. Speed, Speed, Speed - This is the fastest UW team has been in a long time. John Ross IX, Charlie McClutchins, Tyler Rape, Ben Ossai, Buttah Baker, Kevin Kevin, Le'veon Coleminer, Miles Gascan, Psalm Wooching, Virta Vea etc. The newbies will be inexperienced but will bring something that they haven't had in past seasons, speed.

5. Time of Possession - I think UW can dominate the time of possession stat. The more they can shorten the game and keep their defense off of the field, the better chance they have to win the game.

I think UW wins rather easily, say 34-17?

Chris Peterson is going to be a great OC at Alabama one day.


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