Game Thread: #7 Kentucky at #14 Ole Miss 10/1 (ESPN @ 11:00 CT)


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Apr 26, 2008
South Alabama
Ole Miss wins in barn-esque fashion.

UK has 1st and goal with less than a minute....throws a TD on 1st down. But wait....they didn't get set. Flag. 1st and goal from the 13 or so.

Pressure on QB, knock ball out of arm cocked to throw & recover. Ball game.

Is that the barn or what?
no. If it was the barn Kentucky would have scored and went ahead. Then Ole Miss would have hit a 75 yard triple lindy bobble pass to win the game.

Ole Miss won because their defense was better than Kentucky’s offense in the red zone. Kentucky was more lucky to be in this game than Ole Miss was at winning it.
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