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Aug 15, 2004
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This is an odd question but it is something I have noticed and unscientifically confirmed through observation. I have noticed that people who eat uber clean have a distinct odor that is hard to describe but definitely exists. It is almost like a stale, "vitamin-ee" type odor that is very distinct. I'm not sure if it is something they've cut out of their diet that is causing this but I personally know several people over the last year who have (for health reasons) cut all red meat out of their diet, processed foods, processed sugars, and only eat very lean meats in very little amounts and the bulk of their diet is veggies. They're not non-meat eaters, but when they do eat meat it is very lean meats and in very small amounts.

I was in the grocery store this weekend and walked past a couple who obviously was in phenomenal shape and their shopping cart loaded with only the things I've described above. As they passed by I smelled that very distinct odor. My sons' pitching coach has changed his diet (for health reasons as well) and has lost 40 lbs this year and has started the same type of diet as described above. The last several times we've gone I now notice that same scent.

Can someone explain what is causing this?
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Dec 17, 2003
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Some of these vegans don't use deodorant at all or they use a kind that doesn't do what deodorant is supposed to do. They will also use soaps and detergents that again don't do what they are supposed to do.
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