A tragic story and an invitation from the University of Alabama...


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Aug 16, 2000
Mobile, AL
University of Alabama making a dream come true for Satsuma Family

What a heartwarming follow-up to a tragic story. I remember reading the original article where two of the young boys struggled with the decision as to whether or not to return to the football team (Satsuma HS) after their father's death. Stephen Wigal had started a new job & his insurance benefits were just days away from going into effect when he tragically died on his way home from work one night (in the family's only vehicle). Both boys thought they should quit the team, find jobs and help their Mother support the family. It sounds as though their father was a dedicated & loving parent ... never missing his kids sporting events & sharing his love for Alabama football with his family. That poor family lost the "center of their lives" - an impossible hole to fill. My heart goes out to them all. This would be one "Go Fund Me" account that I wouldn't hesitate to donate to.

Original article: Satsuma brothers make tough decision to return to football following their father's death