Afghan who risked his life for Iowa soldiers becomes US citizen


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Sep 9, 2002
Welcome home.

“This is something I hadn’t even dreamed about. This is unbelievable,” he said before the ceremony. “I’m so happy to live in a place with peace and freedom for my family. It’s what everybody wants.”

A few minutes later, he and 61 other immigrants raised their right hands, renounced allegiance to any other government, then pledged to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

The joyful courtroom audience included several of Mohammadi’s friends from the Iowa National Guard, who’d seen him support and defend America plenty of times. He served as their interpreter in 2010 and 2011, accompanying them on scores of patrols through a mountainous area of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border.

Taliban bombs were common, and friends were hard to identify. The Iowa soldiers said Mohammadi volunteered to go on extra patrols, up to three a day. Each time he went out, he put himself and his family at risk of being killed for helping the Americans.
Afghan who risked his life for Iowa soldiers becomes US citizen


Oct 28, 2000
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On the section asking about desired party affiliation, he checked “no party.” He has no interest in being a Democrat or Republican. He said he will study what candidates stand for and pick the ones who will best serve his new country.
He sounds smart when it comes to politics.

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Jun 5, 2000
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He'll appreciate it more than most of us. Not only is he a hero along with our troops, he's hard working, bettering himself and involved in the community coaching his son's team. Welcome to the US!


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Sep 15, 2003
Having served and also my brother just been in Afghanistan, I can really appreciate this because most of the ANAs can't be trusted farther than you can throw em. Glad we can bring him here as an American because I don't reckon he has many friends in his homeland.
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