After Reading Some Of The Threads, I Thought Bama Lost The Game


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Surprisingly, I haven't read anything that I thought was overly critical. Either our mods did a fantastic job of zapping those before I saw them real-time, or folks didn't drink and post... or maybe both :)

The standard is high. For me, game threads are a real-time catharsis on what is happening in the moment just like it would be if you watching with me at my house or in the stands. Guys missing tackles, plays that make you scratch your head, miscommunications, etc. are not something we have been accustomed to watching in the last 10 years. We're not going to "rah rah" like all the other wannabes that celebrate "almost wins" and "almost championships"... N.A.D.A.

I think the fact that we went into that hostile cesspool of swamp orange and won with a REALLY inexperienced QB and some big time players injured and unable to contribute, I like it. We're becoming pretty mentally tough - all things considered - and for a young, incredibly talented team, that might more important than the overwhelming talent right now..


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We beat a team that is probably one of the best teams in the SEC.
On the road.
With a new freshman QB who had never played in a hostile environment before.

You'd think ANY win would be good, right?

We have some issues but let's be honest - most of the pundits aren't even looking at that.

They're looking at:
a) "Alabama only had one close game last year, so any time they don't whip the opposition, they're in trouble"
b) our last WIN of LESS THAN SIX POINTS was the 48-43 win over Ole Miss in 2016
c) our last WIN of LESS THAN FIVE POINTS was the one-point win over Arky in 2014

We haven't won a game that close since 2014. That's three firings ago for some pundits.


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Great win under the circumstances. My problem is we got out coached again on defense. It’s been an issue, and still is.
outschemed yes. Outcoached? Not buying that

they scored 29. 2 DPIs that were iffy, then it’s 15-16. Against an option O that was implemented just for that game.

Grantham’s D gave up more points than Golding’s did. ;)


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As a Bama fan of 55 years and as @BamaNation stated our expectations are very high by comparison. I think there is full recognition by most posting here that this squad is a “work in progress”. I haven’t seen much in the way that is over the top critical.

There were two things I constantly told my kids growing up. First “Remember who you are and who’s you are.” Your behavior and character represent who you are as an individual and as a member of our family.

Second, “My expectations of you are tremendously high. But the expectations you have of yourself should pale in comparison to those I or others have of you. If you keep that in mind, you’ll never need worry about disappointing me or others”.

I think it holds true for those that decide to accept a scholarship at the University and wear the Crimson and White. You accept the responsibility to represent the university in an across the board fashion, athletically, academically, and individually. And those expectations are higher because it is “Alabama”.

It is the reason you come to Tuscaloosa.
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There's also the reality that this team has the misfortune of following last year's powerhouse.

That colors the context unfavorably at this point regardless.

A lot of people forget how good the 2013 team was - because of the last two games. But it was still a good team. It would have blown the 2009 team off the field (with everyone healthy). But the 2009 team won the title, and the 2013 one didn't.

If we win it again this year, this squad will suddenly flip the narrative and it'll be "not as much ability as before but a lot of heart."
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Apr 13, 2012
Maybe we should just post pictures of puppies and bunnies.
We have a great thread for that.

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My old high school coach, who was one of the most brutal coaches I ever had in football, used to say 1 point is as good as a million as long as you are 1 point ahead at the end........ but woe be unto you if you aren’t....../


Sep 9, 2012
I expected the offense to have growing pains for sure, it was just disappointing to see the defense have some the same issues it had early last season. I was jumping for joy when we won though.


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Feb 24, 2017
What? We won? Hallelujah. Just kidding of course, but has anyone ever seen the We almost beat BAMA trophy? I bet it's nice, probably very big and shiny.


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Look at it like this (maybe I'm just an optimist after 43 seasons as a Tide fan) - Florida ran a somewhat new offense, a bit of a surprise, and we survived it. Few teams we play are going to have the talent level of Florida (though that will change in the CFP, of course).

What just happened is a baptism by fire and one particular type of "surprise offense" just got taken away from anyone who wishes to use it in the future this year.

Key point? We won and survived it.


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Dec 25, 2020
I was curious so I had to look up the stats, and Florida only threw 3 incompletions in the entire second half. All 3 were on the 99 play drive and 2 from their own end zone to start it, when Jones was probably rushing a bit. They were nearly perfect in the second half with a career ~60% QB. For the record Alabama only had 5 incompletions in the second half.

It really is interesting how few possessions there were in the second. Almost like an NFL game.
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