Agiye Hall gone


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Nov 10, 2021
If Hall comes around(In which I seriously doubt) and becomes a solid citizen in the building,and lets his talent do his talking?..And acts like he has some sense and not be a big-feeling ding-a-ling.They could really have a dangerous WR room.I mean Hall is a 5-Star talent with a nickle's worth of brains. BUT..Along with Whittington,Xavier Worthy(Who could start for anyone in America),The Wyo transfer Isaiah Neylor(Not Harrell fast...but faster than hell),and the 3 TE's plus Bijan and Roschon Johnson?...This offense could be loaded and dynamic IF???....Quinn Ewers has to perform for them.If not,Hudson Card is a capable young man.He isnt Bryce,or Hooker,or KJ,or Rogers. But he is capable.He isnt chaff,like some of the other QBs playing in leagues like the Big 10,where 1/2 their QBs last year, or more,stunk the field up.But he doesnt seem to be a young man that Sark would think can win them games with his arm talent.

To me this is a GREAT early season OOC matchup for THE TIDE! And on the road. Kind of see where you are at early.It stinks that these 2 outfits would have to play an 11 AM kick just to satisfy The TV hotshots.Especially in September in the South.But this,I imagine,will really give us a chance to showcase the outstanding depth we should possess in every position group,with the possible exception of one.

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Dec 11, 2014
Lancaster, PA


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Sep 11, 2006
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Yeah the guy twitted all last spring and summer about how good he was and how he deserved to play. Then he gets in THE game and barfs all over himself. Then somehow wants to blame Bama fans. Hey the cancer is gone, Sarks is having to stroke up guys like him and Bills and that will only cause pain and strife within the UT program. More power to him and them. Bama doesn’t have to tolerate.


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Nov 5, 2012
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yep, Tyler Steen, come on down!

Also, Agiye reminds me of Alfano and Anoma. Hope I’m wrong. This must have been in the works before Saturday’s scrimmage for Coach to say what he said. Maybe a school thing?

Anyway, reports are that Anderson is running with the ones. That’s a positive.

Maybe Hall transfers to Georgia in a Burton for Hall trade🤣. He can be Kirby’s problem.
I don't see Kirby taking him. But, I hope he does for Georgia's sake. 😺

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