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Mar 15, 2003
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Alabama fans have a horrible reputation with social media and players who fail… look at Cade Foster. They have been beyond horrible too often than I wish to go into. So yes there are a bunch of grown ass men who love to harass players that they are twice their age and they are some of the most despicable “fans” we have.

Having said that, Agyie continuously poked the bear in that regard and loved the attention he got in doing it. So in a way I don’t feel sorry for him for the responses he got. He more or less asked for it.
Agree 100%.
Having been in the business of getting young people to perform, I have always tried to engage in public accolades and private butt-chewings. If I had a Facebook or Twitter acount, I have no problem going on a public forum and telling Will Anderson, "Well done!"
Admonishment (if it were even my place to chastise a football player) is better done behind closed doors.


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Mar 31, 2000
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When he left for Texas he said the Texas fans are loving while the Bama fans were not but he's really putting their love to the test. I don't think any fan base loves guys who always get into trouble and create distractions.
Wait until he totally screws up at Texas.

The next step in that parade is always, "It's a racist thing, they wouldn't do that for a white player."


To this day, Texas fans want to burn Chris Simms in effigy.
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Oct 18, 2003
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The innate ability of so many people to do so many stupid things after being given so many incredible opportunities to succeed never ceases to amaze me.
Well, we are talking about an age group that includes a large percentage of immature people. And some have some pretty steep issues feeding into behaviors. It depends on the particular young person.
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Jul 5, 2011
Ontario, Canada
For those unaware, this is a gag tweet based on an earlier tweet from Antonio Brown.

The guy who posted it is a bit of a legend on Twitter - diehard, cerebral Bama fan who absolutely roasts fans of other teams who predict a Bama loss / demise, with cleverly presented screen-shot responses - typically accompanied by well-chosen musical accompaniment, after our boys prove the naysayers wrong...

Definitely worth following / checking out - esp during the season, on Sunday mornings...

His work is really, really good...
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