Alabama announces spring practice schedule, A-Day Game kickoff time


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Sep 18, 2002
I am pulling for Milroe. He is a good kid and a new O coordinator may just be what the doctor ordered for him. Simpson, yea, hope to see him push to be QB1. Holstein and Lonergan are also on campus so maybe one of those guys has the moxy to step up and get into the mix. Going to be interesting with Rees calling the shots so a big Spring on the gridiron for the Tide. Fun stuff.


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Apr 29, 2002
Colorado was 1-11 in 2022. I can't imagine anyone outside of Colorado watching this game. My first thought was that maybe they want to make the PAC12 seem relevant but they could have scheduled the Utah spring game instead on 4/22 . Do they really think Deion is that big of a draw? I don't. Someone at ESPN must have a very bad case of Bama fatigue.
I really hope Colorado enjoys their moment in the sun, because as soon as a bigger program calls, Deion will leave them just like he did Jackson St.
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Apr 1, 2004
Boone, NC
We use football analogies all the time to describe basketball, so how about a basketball analogy for football/quarterbacks:

There's no doubt this spring is about discovering the next Bama signal caller.

I try to remain open-minded about Jalen Milroe (trying to learn from my inability to see the possibilities with Jalen Hurts), BUT, to me Jalen Milroe is like a gifted athlete who has an awkward shooting motion in basketball. It just looks awkward coming out of his hand. In basketball terms, he might be the best athlete/fastest guy on the court, but B-ball is about getting the round ball in the round hoop. On the other hand, Ty Simpson looks to have a pure shooting motion; smooth and graceful without much effort - again, basketball analogy...

Can JM ever learn to throw with better motion (and most importantly better consistency/accuracy)? IMO, he just looks like a great athlete trying to play QB (granted, he's got a strong arm but seems to struggle with other throws).

BTW, the concern I had for Jalen Hurts was never in his throwing motion, just in his unwillingness to stand in the pocket and see the field.

So, I'd like to see JM improve and have a chance, but the eye test for me says TS will emerge as the eventual starter.
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Feb 12, 2006
I would like to see JM move to slot WR or H TE. I think he would be a match-up nightmare at either position.

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