Question: Anyone else caught off guard by the new overtime rules?


Nov 30, 2015
That's not what the word "shootout" typically means.

Like it or not, it's logically a significant improvement over the old system - which strongly favored certain teams (schemes or anyone with a great kicker) over others, significantly lengthened (at least potentially) the games, and measurably increased the occurrence of injuries.

Let's think about this logically, examining the alternatives - CONSIDERING THE FACT THAT THE GAME WAS TIED AT THE END OF REGULATION.

Option 1: Go back to it being a tie.
- If you prefer this, I have no time for you.

Option 2: Return to the old system.
- You/We complained about this one so much - plus the aforementioned downsides - that they changed it. Go to the back of the class and have a seat.

Option 3: Switch to the NFL System
- Which one? They've tried, what three different systems now and people still aren't happy?

Option 4: Switch to something no one has conceived, yet.
- Give the specifics, the pros, and the cons and then we'll talk.

Think about your all-time classic, hard-fought, close football games. How did the best of those end? Depending upon your perspective, either a last-minute score or a last-minute stop.


Except, of course, that both teams get a shot instead of just the team that happened to get the ball (or get the stop) last before time ran out.

Maybe the problem is the terminology...

First Overtime: Dueling Scoring Possessions (Each team gets the ball, 1st and 10, at the 25.)
Second Overtime: Dueling Scoring Possessions, no PATs (Each team gets the ball, 1st and 10, at the 25. If a TD is scored, you cannot just kick a PAT.)
Third Overtime, and Following: Dueling Goal-Line Stands, No Field-Goals (Each team gets the ball, 4th and Goal, at the 3 yard line. No Field Goals or PATs are allowed. TDs in these overtime periods are worth only 2 points with no extra points available.)

Does that terminology make it sit a little better???
Yeah, I never complained about the old overtime and think that was a vastly superior system. It's not perfect, but it's actual football where there are a variety of outcomes each possession.

Claiming this is "no different" than a close game coming down to a last second stop or a last second score is one of the worst takes I've ever heard. It's completely detached from reality.

Statistically even bad offenses convert close to 50% of their 2 point conversions. You're turning it into a crapshoot.

A two point conversion "shootout" (that is exactly what it is) is just a preposterous way to determine a game. Imagine we lost a playoff game of the SEC Title game on this preposterous system?


Jan 21, 2014
Shelby County Alabama
I was.

I hate the new format. Just play a 10 minute OT period. If you can't pick a winner, have it be a tie. The NFL system is now better than the college system. The bad part about that is the sudden death aspect of it. But at least you usually see all 3 phases in the OT.


Hall of Fame
Jul 10, 2007
Nah I was earlier in the year, but after that 7 or whatever OT game earlier in the year I was scratching my head on the final score and found the new rules.


Dec 3, 2012
I was. ...
BamaCoachJeff, if you'd been paying your usual attention to detail, like you do for field trials and 'Bama pass pro, you would have seen on display in the 9-OT example the accumulation of analytics Penn State used to reward their coach "Big Games James" Franklin with a lucrative contract extension. Conclusion: He's earned it since he rolls as Big Games James in the little games too -

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