Auto lovers - what's your ride? (post pics)

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Nov 29, 2006
Woodstock, Ga
That is a good size pole barn. Are you a gentleman farmer?
No, not really. My son and I split a piece of property and we are both putting up pole barns. We are about 10 miles from beach access in Mexico Beach. We are just going to use it for a place to get away . My son, who is 38, has always wanted to move there since he was about 10. Hopefully one day we will all retire there.
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Oct 8, 2018
Jackson Tn
So true. :) And lumber from HD occasionally....

Last night's haul:

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Prices have come back down a tad too......

(3) 4x4x8 - $9.38
(2) 4x4x10 - $14.88
(7) 2x4x8 - $5.98
(4) 2x4x10 - $7.98
(16) 5/4x6x10 - $8.58
(4) 1x4x10 - $5.98

Total came to $311.78......and that also included a GU10 bulb for my bathroom vanity! :D
Thought you were building a safe room for all the junk they are going to sling at mullen down there? LOL
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Oct 1, 2011
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Porsche shakes down 2023 LMDh prototype

Porsche has made the first shakedown test of its LMDh (Le Mans Daytona hybrid) prototype, set to contest the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2023 in parallel factory programs run by Team Penske and with customer cars in the hands of private teams.

The first run, delayed from before the Christmas break, saw the car driven by Porsche factory river Frederic Makowiecki and took place at Porsche’s Weissach test track. It was the first opportunity that Porsche has offered to see the car as a full vehicle rather than carefully selected “teaser” images.

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Aug 8, 2011
Birmingham, AL
My daily driver for work/business is a 2012 Honda Accord Sedan with 140k on it. Bought it used in 2014 with 30k. Long since paid off.

My weekend "work around the property" ride (I live on 6 acres) is a 2007 Tacoma Crew Cab SR5 with 170k. It was my last "new purchase" and it really wasn't new. It was a 2007 demo close out just after the 2008'***** the market. Runs like a top.

Told my wife "don't buy a casket when I die. Dig a deep hole on the property, stick me behind the wheel of the Tacoma and bury us together". ;)
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