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Nov 22, 2006
Blakely, Georgia
---.316 team batting avg - the only regular to struggle so far is Reeves at .167. He's K'd 12 times, but he has scored 9 runs.
---74 runs scored.
---14 home runs, 40 extra base hits.
---only 61 strikeouts out of 346 plate appearances, if I counted correctly.
---18 stolen bases out of 23 attempts. Auerbach is 7 for 7.
---2.22 ERA - Prielipp O ER in 9 IP, McNairy 0 ER in 7 IP, Ras 0 ER in 6 IP, Rukes 0 ER in 5 2/3 IP.
---2 saves by Lee. 3 IP, 0 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks and 5 K.h
---4 errors in 338 chances. .988 fielding%.
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Feb 22, 2005
I was surprised when I looked at Warren Nolan to see that we were #8 rpi right now, with a SoS of #45. We will more than likely have a top ten SoS this year, so if we can come even close in our SEC games we have a great chance to make a regional. Yeah, I know it's too early, but we can dream, can we not?


Nov 22, 2006
Blakely, Georgia
Around the conference:
Tennessee 10-0. Beat Texas Tech, Houston, Stanford.
Florida 9-0. Sweep of Miami. Had a close game with Troy tonight, 3-2.
Texas A&M 10-1. First loss of season tonight, 1-0 to Illinois.
Georgia 9-1. Beat Georgia Tech tonight. Only loss Santa Clara, UGA took 3 of 4.
Ole Miss 8-1. Big opening-season series win, 2 of 3 vs Louisville.
Arkansas 7-1. First loss tonight, 6-3 to Oklahoma.
Vandy 9-2. Lost to Michigan and Cal Poly opening weekend. Reeled off 8 straight.
Auburn 8-3. UCF continues to own AU, 3 game sweep.
LSU 7-3. Losses to Indiana, Nichols, and E. Kentucky. Beat Texas tonight, 4-3.
South Carolina 6-3. Lost 2 of 3 to Northwestern. Lost to Clemson tonight, 7-1.
Mississippi State 6-3. Beat Oregon State 2 of 3, lost to Texas Southern. Long Beach shut them out tonight 4-0.
Kentucky 5-4. Swept by TCU to start season. Blanked by UNC-Wilmington tonight 8-0.
Missouri 4-5. Not eligible for postseason. Nothing to see here.

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