Game Thread: Bama vs. Rhode Island


Oct 27, 2006
Cumming, GA
Folks, the sky ain't falling. We're probably not gonna have a great record this season. Coach does not have all the pieces in place to run his offense. He has to have ball handlers who can shoot and we don't have many of those.
My biggest thing I want to see this season is 40 minutes of effort and continuos improvement. I want to see if the staff can develope the players.
No, you're not gonna magically turn John Petty into a point guard but you can try to develope his shot and defense and such. That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for this season.

Rama Jama

Jan 4, 2011
Unless Rojas or Gary has a miraculous recovery (not happening) or the NCAA reverses its decision on JQ (even less likely) then what we have is what we have.
I know we are not expecting either back this year. Both would have contributed, but IMHO Rojas was the one that hurt the most. I think he would have been a major contributor. Rojas did work on the zero gravity treadmill this week though. Gary will be next year for sure.


Hall of Fame
audub I see Auburn undefeated.

Yeah, we're off to a good start. Not exactly stiff competition, but good resume builders against mid-major opponents expected to make noise in their respective conferences. Our big measuring sticks come up next week, with New Mexico followed by (likely) Wisconsin in Brooklyn. Then the next big one is NC State in December before conference play kicks in.

But to elaborate on Bama, I just don't see any way y'all finish with a donut in conference play. Bottom half of the conference, yes, but I think Vandy, USCe and aTm are wins. And Bama is going to find a way to steal a few they wouldn't be expected to along the way. This won't be a good year, but it won't be 18-19 Vanderbilt bad.

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