Game Thread: Big XII CG: #9 Baylor vs. #5 Oklahoma State (ABC @ 11a CT)


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Sep 2, 2018
North Little Rock , AR
The dominoes are now falling to allow Bama to get in with 2 losses.

Now it comes down to Bama or ND if we lose.

Baylor won’t jump from that far back.
Baylor does have a solid argument though. Baylor has 3 top 15 wins (BYU, OU, OSU) to Bama's 1 (OleMiss). They also have the conference championship and one of their losses is somewhat negated. Bama can't afford to lose by multiple scores.
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Feb 14, 2007
He's obviously able to build a defense and inspire toughness. I think the jury is still out on building an overall program and incorporating a dynamic offense.
I was talking about other than as a football coach.

My guess is that he will incorporate a NC level effective O when he gets a chance and maybe a little more experience as a HC.

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