Game Thread: Big XII Championship Game: #10 Kansas State vs. #3 TCU 12/03 (ABC @ 11:00 CT)

Jay Hughes

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Aug 28, 2008
Newnan, GA
Listening to all the talking heads, they just simply do not want Bama in the playoffs. Ask them if they think Bama would beat TCU and I am sure they would say YES. It isn’t supposed to be about deserving but who is the best. No way that TCU is one of the 4 best. They will get beat like a drum if they make the playoffs.


Aug 7, 2012
It is a shame what our media has become. A disgrace. People will excuse this by saying well it’s his opinion and he is a commentator. No; he is a member of the media and is tasked with reporting the facts. Instead he is attempting to influence.
I don't promote violence. But, Fowler petitioning is rage inducing. It's blatant that it's not TCU deserves it, but more so, anyone but Bama. I'd pay to see him get smacked around in a boxing ring and commentate his own beat down. Shut up Fowler.


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Mar 31, 2000
Four all beef patties, 6 feet under: the McCPR
Y'all remember 2019?

LSU looked like the best.
Clemson and Ohio State were clearly right there with each other.

We needed a fourth team.

Georgia, Florida, Auburn, OR Alabama would have beaten Oklahoma.
Penn State and Wisconsin PROBABLY would have beaten OU.

OU wasn't in the top 8 teams in the country - but they went because criteria.

Same thing this year.

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