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May 9, 2000
East Point, Ga, USA
So, the Date didn't end well?
according to the article, it was implied that the ending was possibly happy, but that the sheriff's office wasn't going to investigate further.

“If you know Selena or are responsible for her whereabouts, rest assured no DNA was collected and you are safe,” he wrote. “But in the future, please make sure to dispose of your items in a responsible way. Have a great weekend.”


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Oct 19, 2001
Jacksonville, Md USA
Box of human heads stolen from truck in Denver: "Pretty shocking"
A box containing human heads was stolen from a parked freight company truck in Denver, officials said Saturday. The box was being transported for medical research purposes and Denver police are investigating the incident.
Someone broke into the truck Thursday morning while it was parked in Denver's Central Park neighborhood on Thursday morning, CBS Denver reported.

Box of human heads stolen from truck in Denver: "Pretty shocking" - CBS News

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