Bragging - Brother Wins An Emmy


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Mar 31, 2000
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Given his struggles and courage, I just want to tip my hat and raise a glass to my brother. Father of two autistic children (one is a 7-year old with a 20-word vocabulary), he has logged 15 years in news production.

Last night, his crew won an Emmy for Best News Story (Small Markets) for coverage of Hurricane Ida.

His vacation is financed annually by his tax refund, and even though he hasn’t taken one since 2019, he told mom they were going to use the $ for the clothes to attend the Emmys, which she supported of course.

Then he won. So yeah I’m proud of the kid, particularly since he was probably influenced into his career choice by me. The guy in the middle is John King, some of you may have heard of him from CNN. Brother is to the far right.



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Oct 1, 2011
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Congratulations to your brother & his team, Bill. Quite an accomplishment!

I appreciate your sharing this wonderful news with your Tide Fans family here.

BTW, I recognized John King right off the bat. I try to watch his 1 hour "Inside Politics" every day at Noon to try and keep up with our current topics. I've always like his style of reporting.

I'll have to try and find some of your brother's work now on Ida.....although I bet I've already seen some of it already.
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