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Jun 24, 2011
The Birmingham Bowl Winner's Trophy! Can this be right? That is a huge trophy!
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I do believe that this Vulcan Trophy will be in a trophy case on the campus of the University of Houston. My thoughts, UH will win by 3 TDs. Wait! Who are they playing? Oh, Albarn. Yep! UH will win by 3 TDs. My recommendation is that UH place Vulcan's backside on the backside of their trophy case. Hopefully, there is no mirror on the backside.
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May 25, 2003
Mountainous Northern California
Did yall give him a vacation or has he just disappeared? Because I thought I would have seen a lot of him these past two years.
I'm guessing he got tired of you yokels questioning his explanations for why great refereeing looks like bad calls to the yokels. They get graded by like-minded folk anymore, dontcha know? You betcha!

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